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GPTA free pilot membership is a service designed for all aspiring and licensed pilots, giving you access to a number of benefits listed below. We also have paid for memberships with additional benefits specifically designed to aid you with your training and career progress. Please fill out our membership form to open the door to your new pilot training provider and see which membership level is right for you.

Become a FREE flight school member

GPTA free membership for flights schools, ATO’s and aviation education providers is free and differs from becoming an Approved Alliance Training Partner (AATP). Becoming a member opens up a huge range of benefits, listed below, to help you move your business forward and be connected to the largest global aviation network, and further to this, we offer paid for memberships with even more great benefits for you to take advantage of.

  • New student management and coordination opportunities

  • Access to GPTA business partner products and services

  • FREE initial marketing health check 

  • Marketing, sales and consulting services at membership rates:

    • Marketing strategy, design, content, SEO and social media

    • Business/revenue growth, vertical integration and JV’s

    • Operational management and guidance

    • CRM development and sales training

    • Regulatory, Compliance and safety assistance

    • Manual writing and ATO/AOC auditing

    • Aviation recruiting and resourcing

  • Access to GPTA trade show booths at training and careers events 

Becoming an Approved Alliance Training Provider (AATP) 

If you are a Flight School, ATO or aviation education provider and have an interest in becoming an Approved Alliance Training Provider (AATP) please get in touch with us today. Once you've filled out a free membership form ensure you check the option to become an AATP and our Commercial Team will get in touch to share the benefits and growth our partners have enjoyed, along with next steps to gain your accreditation.


AATP Member Benefits - (£895 annual fee)

  • 20% off preferred pricing for GPTA trade show booths

  • Free ongoing marketing consultation through Colossal Motion, the aviation marketing specialists

  • 20% marketing and sales services from Colossal Motion, the aviation marketing specialists

  • Access to the AATP network to promote training synergies

  • VIP Priority Access to our potential student pilots who have taken ADAPT recruitment tests

  • 15% Symbiotics discount on assessment programs

  • 25% Symbiotics discount on report interpretation training

  • 10% Symbiotics discount on Psychology services

Become and Pilot Member


Free Pilot Membership

  • Free GPTA membership for one year

  • Access to our Flight Training Map

  • 20% off Symbiotics practice tests

Becoming a Pilot Member with GPTA


per year

Premium Pilot Membership

  • Premium GPTA membership for one year

  • Access to our ATO global map/App

  • 1 Symbiotics ADAPT pilot recruitment test

  • Sharing of test results with our ATO network

  • Unlimited access to our personalised Career Advisor Services (Online and Phone)

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