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Symbiotics, Experts in psychological and aptitude assessments for pilots.

GPTA have teamed up with Symbiotics to provide Flight Schools in the GPTA network with access to their candidates’ likelihood for success throughout both the training process and their ongoing career as a pilot. The partnership will also allow potential student pilots to undertake the pilot aptitude assessments at a reduced rate through GPTA.


Symbiotics’ pilot aptitude tests help to predict how successful a person is likely to be throughout the pilot training process and in the role as a pilot; using real world assessments to highlight areas of strength as well as areas where further development may be required prior to starting their training. For a potential student pilot, taking pilot aptitude assessments ahead of applying to a flight school will help you to be as prepared as possible. For flight schools, pilot aptitude tests can be used to assess how successful a candidate is likely to be throughout their training, helping to ensure you have the highest quality of students on your program.

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What are Pilot Aptitude Tests and how do they work?

Are you an Aviation Training Organisation or a Flight School?

Are you an aspiring pilot?

What are Pilot Aptitude Tests and how do they work?

Pilot aptitude tests measure pilot potential in potential pilots.


Symbiotics ADAPT online pilot aptitude assessments are made up of a range of tests all specially designed by Symbiotics’ Psychological and Technical teams to assess if the candidate has the aptitude and traits to succeed in the training and career as a pilot.


The aviation industry and ICAO have identified 8 pilot competencies that every professional pilot should develop during training and go on to demonstrate throughout their professional career. These are;

  1. Application of procedures and compliance with regulations

  2. Communication

  3. Aeroplane flight path management, automation

  4. Aeroplane flight path management, manual control

  5. Leadership and teamwork

  6. Problem solving and decision making

  7. Situation awareness and management of information

  8. Workload management

The ADAPT assessments have been developed for aviation to measure pilot aptitude in line the following IATA measuring  dimensions which all relate to those ICAO pilot competencies.

  • English Language Proficiency

  • Composite Mental Abilities

  • Social-interpersonal Abilities

  • Basic Mental Abilities

  • Operational Abilities

  • Personality Traits

Are you a Training Organisation or Flight School?


Pilot Aptitude Assessments can be a vital tool for flight schools in securing the best quality students onto your training program. As a GPTA member, you would be entitled to a free online tour of Symbiotics’ ADAPT system, including time with one of Symbiotics’ team to discuss their assessment recommendations specific to you. Additionally, you will also have access to different levels of discount on various Symbiotics’ products depending on your level of membership. 


Symbiotics have over 20 years’ experience within aviation and work with flight schools and aviation training organisations all around the world. ADAPT assessments are used by organisations across 130 locations, throughout 80 countries on 5 continents.


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Are you an aspiring pilot?


What are the benefits of taking pilot aptitude tests?


The greatest benefit you can gain as candidate from these assessments is an indication of how successful you are likely to be early on in your training process. The process of becoming a pilot can be expensive and time consuming, and this assessment allows you to justify that level of investment, in both cost and time. Additionally it will highlight areas in which you might benefit from further development before starting on this path. This means you have the opportunity to work on and develop particular areas, such as knowledge in mathematics for example, before starting the interview process with a flight school.


These assessments also allow you to familiarise yourself with the aptitude testing process, which means when you are applying for roles or training, you will have a better understanding of what to expect during the assessment process and what format the assessments can take. This can help to reduce stress or worry about taking these tests, giving you the opportunity to perform at your best on the day.

What is included in the GPTA offer?


Aspiring pilots who have a lower tier membership are entitled to 20% off all ADAPT pilot aptitude practice tests. This includes the ADAPT Personality Questionnaire, which is designed to measure your personality, values, behaviour and attitudes and includes a feedback session with a Symbiotics’ Psychologist.


Anyone who signs up for a tier two level membership will, as well as the 20% discount on practice tests, also get access to the GPTA Candidate Readiness package. This is a series of assessments created by Symbiotics and collated for GPTA members to provide initial indicators of your ability to succeed in the pre-selection assessments.


The GPTA Candidate Readiness Package includes

  • Maths
    This will assess your ability to apply mathematical knowledge, formulae, and calculations.

  • Physics
    This will assess your ability to apply formulae and calculations from the physics field.

  • Cognitive Reasoning
    This will assess your mental agility and cognitive abilities in a range of different areas.

  • English
    This will assess English language and comprehension skills across 4 key areas of language skill; sentence structure, vocabulary, comprehension, interaction

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